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When Owl first released the LPs, there were only a few reviews, including the one reproduced here from the Saturday Review, which at the time was one of the leading mainstream, general interest (Dockstader?) magazines in the U.S. When Thomas Steenland took over Owl in the late ’70s, he got some new exposure for the LPs, which resulted in two reviews appearing in OP (which later evolved into Option, which reviewed the CDs) around 1981. One of the first reviews of the Starkland CDs was by Joe McLellan, then the main critic of The Washington Post, who turned out to be a Dockstader fan. There have been about 30 positive reviews of the CDs since they were released - reproduced here are two from Fanfare, and others from Stereophile, The Wire, Revue et Corrigee (France), and Audioview (Belgium).