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Traveling Music was originally composed as a monaural piece (Electronic Piece No.8), It was, in effect, my Poème Élèctronique, after Varèse, and my first piece to be strictly organized with a few sound materials (instead of throwing everything in and stirring briskly, as I’d done prior to this). When I got the use of a two-track recorder, I used this piece, instead of doing a new work, so I could concentrate on teaching myself the techniques of placing sound in space (between speakers) and moving it through space - hence the title (Jackie Gleason, in his black-and-white TV days, used always to ask the pit-band conductor for “a little traveling music” to help him move across the stage).

Gong, switch arc (multiplied into antiphonal rhythms with tape-echo), one test generator, jet ‘plane, metal plate, metal bowl, voice, hollow tube, adhesive tape.

Traveling Music


Apocalypse (STARKLAND, 1993)


Luna Park, Traveling Music, Drone, Apocalypse, Two Fragments from Apocalypse, Four Telemetry Tapes.

Organised Sound by Tod Dockstader (Doxy Records, 2014-06-02)


Luna Park, Apocalypse, Traveling Music.

Organised Sound by Tod Dockstader (OWL Records, 1966)


Luna Park, Apocalypse, Traveling Music.